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Introduction to New Video and Blog element of Website

Welcome to our new Video and Blog part of the Thinking Toys website.

Over the coming weeks and months we will uploading hundreds of videos and advice pieces from parents, therapists and individuals with disabilities which we hope you will find useful.

The main sections are:

  • Aine’s Advice – This is a section that provides advice from a parent’s perspective to other parents and carers.
  • How to Use – This will be a range of videos giving simple advice on how to use products but also different ways a product can be used to aid development
  • Ailis’s Insights – Ailis is our 24 year daughter who is the inspiration behind Thinking Toys. She has Sturge Weber Syndrome, autism, epilepsy and a visual impairment and she will verbalise some the issues she has had to deal with since she was a child and some of the things that helped and some that didn’t. This can be very enlightening for parents of younger children especially if their own child cannot properly explain the issues they have. Also it can give great hope to see how well Ailis has managed to overcome some of the many challenges that have been put in her way.
  • Therapist Advice we have a number of Therapists who have confirmed that they are happy to provide tips and advice on topics as they arise
  • Toy Shows Initially, this covers the 11 Toys Shows that we did for Christmas 2020 and we will continue to add as shows/demos are put together in 2021
  • Newsletters We issued out first newsletter in December 2020 and we intend to issue them on a regular basis into the future. Please note these will not be direct selling newsletters and there will be no deals or offers. They will simply be packed full of information and advice and will cover areas such as Financial advice, Entitlements, Therapist’s advice and Play advice showing how to use products to develop your kid/adults skills and abilities.

 Within these sections will be sub sections covering areas such as:

  • Motor Skills
  • Sensory & Weighted
  • Language & Communication
  • Educational & Books
  • Playtime
  • Oral Motor
  • Visual
  • Other Areas

Once the Christmas rush is over we will start populating these areas. We have gone live as we wanted to give access to our Christmas Toy Shows at

In time, we hope this element of the website will provide invaluable advice and insights for parents, carers, individuals and therapists.